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the Trians and the Quadrils“How like us you are,” said Captain Isoscel, captain of the Trians. “You like to laugh, like we do, but you also know that sometimes it's good to cry, as we do. Also, you need at least one person to love you and encourage you, like we do, and you love working hard, even though you pretend that you don't, just like us.”

“That's true,” agreed Captain Rectang, captain of the Quadrils, “and when I get home and tell King Square about you there won't be many things I can tell him about you Trians that are different from us Quadrils.”

“I agree,” said Captain Isoscel. “It'll be the same when I tell Queen Equilatria about you. Isn't it funny though that when we talk to our rulers about the differences between us we will be using different ways to describe each other.”

“What do you mean?” asked Captain Rectang.