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Captain Rectang“Well, when you tell your king about us”, said Captain Isoscel, “you will say something like, ‘the Trians are very short,’ but I will say to our queen, ‘the Quadrils are extremely tall.’”

“Well blow me down..with a blow,” said Captain Rectang, “I didn't think of that. That means our leaders won't know exactly how small your people are, and your leaders won't know exactly how tall our people are. I wonder if we can describe ourselves in the same sort of way.”

“Well, you can't say that I'm the same height as you!” laughed Captain Iscocel looking up at Captain Rectang.

“No, that's true,” laughed Captain Rectang looking down at Captain Iscocel. “How about if we measure each other in the same way - then we could describe each other using those measurements.”