Online stories - Fractious Fractions

Mrs Fraction and Mr PercentageAt last it had happened. Mrs Fraction and Mr Percentage had taken each other to court. You see they could never agree about which were better – fractions or percentages. As you might imagine, Mrs Fraction thought fractions were much better than percentages for using in maths and Mr Percentage completely disagreed.

So that is why, one mathematical Monday, they found themselves facing each other in the Calculation Court – ready to do battle in front of a judge and a crowded courtroom of interested spectators.

“All rise!” shouted the Usher as the Mathematical Magistrate entered the courtroom. If you or I were there we would have realised that the Mathematical Magistrate was really the Wise Wizz of Woo but no one in the courtroom recognised him with his robes and wig on and not his rainbow coloured suit and sandals.