Online stories - Fractious Fractions

voters“Well you’ll both have to come up with more convincing ideas than that,” said the Mathematical Magistrate. “Because the vote was equally split. Have you got anything else to say Mrs Fraction?”

“Yes M’Lud,” she replied. “I think fractions are better than percentage because percentages are really fractions!!! ”

Mrs Fraction’s supporters couldn’t help themselves this time, they all let out gasps of excitement. Mr Percentage’s supporters couldn’t help themselves either, they all let out gasps of horror. Mrs Fraction’s accusation seemed to be so tremendous! With all the various types of gasping going on, it sounded like a dragon with a cold was snoring in the courtroom!

The Mathematical Magistrate was delighted! “SILENCE IN COURT!!!” he boomed even louder than before to make up for not being able to boom it for so long.