Online stories - Nutty Numbers in Nutty Land

“He’s not just a convenient form of transport you know.”

The ostrich winked at me. It was a very knowing wink. It was the kind of wink, which says: “I know what you’re thinking, even when you don’t.”

” The fact of the matter is,” continued the Wise Wizz of Woo, “I’ve organised a trip for you to Nuttyland. Hop on the ostrich and I’ll take you there. I think you’ll find it interesting.”

For a moment I thought of objecting and saying something like, “But I’m on the way to the corner shop to get some milk and cat food.”

But going somewhere that sounded as crazy as Nuttyland sounded far more interesting. So I hopped on the ostrich behind the Wise Wizz of Woo.

That instant there was a blinding flash of green lightning, a loud noise like an enormous toilet flushing and a delicious smell of frying onions.

off to Nuttyland