Online stories - Nutty Numbers in Nutty Land

Then we seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and completely surrounded on all sides by cream buns.

“We’re just flying through inter-space between Earth and the Land of Numbers. We should be arriving in a few moments. Grab a cream bun while you can by the way – they’re delicious,” explained the Wise Wizz of Woo as he grabbed a nearby cream bun himself. The ostrich also grabbed a cream bun in its beak.

The next thing I knew we were all in a field of pink grass holding a cream bun each in our hand (and beak).

“Hmm, Clothespeg should be here soon,” said the Wise Wizz of Woo.

“Who’s Clothespeg?” I asked tucking into my cream bun (which was unbelievably delicious!).

“Your guide around Nuttyland,” replied the Wise Wizz of Woo.