Online stories - Nutty Numbers in Nutty Land

“Ah yes, the chap with a strange name,” replied Clothespeg. “The one who is going to watch us measuring things.”

Personally I thought Clothespeg was a far stranger name than Steve but I decided not to say anything. I could see already that things were a bit different in Nuttyland.

“Well off you go young man,” said the Wise Wizz of Woo. “I’ll be back to pick you up later.”

The instant I jumped off the ostrich the Wise Wizz of Woo and the ostrich disappeared and all we could hear was a voice shouting, “Great! More cream buns!”

clothespeg and the multi-coloured buildings

“Right young man, follow me. We’ll soon find someone measuring something. Why that’s what most of us do all day in Nuttyland!” said Clothespeg heading towards what looked like a town in the distance.

As we got closer to the town I could see that all the buildings were made of multi-coloured bricks arranged row upon row in the order of the rainbow.