Online stories - Nutty Numbers in Nutty Land

Then I began to see people of different colours. Each one of them, like Clothespeg, dressed in a single colour with hair, skin and shoes to match.

“Here we are,” announced Clothespeg as we arrived. “This town is called City. That city you can see over there in the distance is called Town.”

a town called 'City'

“Isn’t that, er, a bit nutty?” I asked.

“Of course it is, this is Nuttyland. But as you’ll see later on there’s a good reason for all the things we do, even if they are nutty. Anyway this is the office where they measure the size of new boxes. Come in.”

Inside the first rainbow-coloured house, people were huddled in pairs around boxes on tables. One of each pair had a tiny marker, which he or she was moving slowly up one side of their box.

“They’re measuring the sides of the boxes in millimetres,” explained Clothespeg looking on proudly “Aren’t they doing a great job? The marker is exactly one millimetre long.