Online stories - Shaky Averages

Cleaning the PalaceOnce in an eastern kingdom lived a mighty sheikh, called Sheikh Yabodi. At the time when this tale begins, he had just finished travelling the world, studying many things including his favourite subject, which was of course mathematics. He had returned to the land of his birth because sadly his father, Sheikh Anvac, had died and he had inherited his palace and his kingdom.

His father had been a collector of camels and so as well as a huge palace, the Sheikh found he had inherited a courtyard absolutely packed with camels! The servants he’d also inherited told him that in his later years, his father had let his favourite camels roam around the palace! They didn’t actually have to tell him because the Sheikh could see that for himself. The palace was a mess!! In all sorts of ways, some of which were very smelly! Having got his servants to remove the smelly mess (and the last of the camels!) the Sheikh decided he wanted to redecorate the palace to tidy up the bashed, crushed, knocked over and scraped mess the camels had made of the floors, the walls and almost all the furniture.