Online stories - Shaky Averages

Calculating camelsSo Sheikh Yabodi sat on his grand (but camel worn) throne as each of the servants was bought before him.

The first servant, Abdul, had been his father’s head servant and so was still head servant. Without a doubt Abdul was a very clever man who had a silver tongue. The Sheikh had noticed that as well as Abdul showering him with compliments since he’d returned to the palace, Abdul had not missed a single opportunity to make it sound as if he was the best servant in the entire universe. Someone less wise than the Sheikh would have been completely taken in. However the Sheikh was right to be suspicious of him because in fact Abdul was tremendously lazy.

In fact in the month since the servants had been ordered to sell camels, Abdul had only been to the camel market twice! Because he had such a clever way with words, he had managed to make a good sale each time he’d bothered to go to the market. The first time he’d sold ten camels and the second time he’d sold eight camels.