Online stories - Shaky Averages

Camels“For I looked out into my courtyard this morning and saw that there are still loads of camels in it. So if you’ve been selling an average of nine camels every time you’ve gone to the market, the other servants must have done hardly anything!”

“My master’s wisdom is greater than the distance between the stars,” said Abdul, using his silvery tongue once again. Actually he was doing the best he could to get out of the way as fast as possible and was thinking

“Phew! That was very close,” to himself.

The next servant forward was Zaman. Most of the other servants had as little to do with Abdul as possible because they knew how lazy and selfish he was, but Zaman was Abdul’s best friend. If you could call them friends.

To them what friendship meant was helping each other out when it suited them. If it suited them differently they would just as easily stab each other in the back.