Online stories - Silly Money

in the bath...I’d been wondering for a long time why we use money that is divided into pounds and pence. It seemed to me that it was quite awkward having to use decimal notation to divide the whole pounds from the pence that was left. Like in £3.17, which of course means three whole pounds and seventeen pence.

Well I was having a bath one day wondering what colour tomatoes go when they’re embarrassed when my bath and I suddenly disappeared and then reappeared in the Wise Wizz of Woo’s kitchen.

“Er, I’m terribly sorry to have appeared in your kitchen in this, er, wet and unexpected manner,” I said.

“But, my dear fellow, you were expected. As to being wet, well in my long and varied life I’ve noticed that most people are wet whilst they’re in the bath,” replied the Wise Wizz of Woo. He was preparing the most delicious smelling curry.