Online stories - Silly Money

money“People who want to ask me questions about mathematics appear in my house all the time. Everyone goes into a queuing system and then they appear when their turn comes up – whatever they’re doing. In your case you happened to be in the bath. Now tell me what your question is.”
I asked the Wise Wizz of Woo why we count money in the way that we do.

“Ahhh,” said the Wise Wizz of Woo. “Now that’s a good one. Well it has to do with the different types of money that were tried out in the Land of Numbers before pounds and pence were invented.”

“I suppose it all began with the giants. They lived in the Land of Numbers even before numbers bigger than a hundred were invented. Being giants they grew trees in their gardens, like we would grow flowers. Because giants loved their gardens so much they used trees as money. A normal giant would buy four sheep from one of the shepherd giants by giving him or her a tree they’d uprooted from their own garden. It’s a bit gruesome I’m afraid but the giants would eat four whole sheep (with a pinch of salt) for their tea.