Online stories - Silly Money

Halftea the GiantIt all worked out well (except for the sheep of course) until one day, as he was wandering along, a giant called Halftea decided he was feeling peckish and fancied having a couple of sheep for a snack. Since he was near a shepherd giant’s farm he decided to pop in to see her.

Thirdegg, the shepherd giantThirdegg, the shepherd giant, was delighted to see Halftea because she needed a few more trees for a new tree-bed she was building up in a corner of her garden. However when Halftea explained that he only wanted two sheep, both giants realised they had a problem.

“How much do I pay you?” asked Halftea. “I can’t give you a whole tree because that’s enough for four sheep.”

“Well I don’t want half a tree, Halftea, because I can’t plant half a tree in my garden can I? It would either be dead or look horrible or both.”