Online stories - Silly Money

a sheep“Hmmmm,” hmmmed Halftea.

“Hmmmm,” hmmmed Thirdegg.

They both wondered what to do. To begin with the two giants tried to suggest suitable ideas to each other. But Halftea didn’t think any of Thirdegg’s ideas were fair and Thirdegg thought Halftea’s ideas were ridiculous. Unfortunately giants have very short tempers and soon the two giants were quarrelling with each other.

In the end Halftea stormed off shouting, “Well, I don’t want any of your sheep anyway! Now I know how mean you are – I expect they’re all just wool and bone anyway!”

“Hah! Get lost!” shouted Thirdegg. “I wouldn’t sell any of my nice plump sheep to you. You’re obviously so mean you’d only give me a bush rather than a tree!”