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mountainsNow in those days giants were quite friendly. They used to sit on stools they made by piling rocks together and chat to each other. Today we call those stools mountain ranges. Well Halftea went to where he usually met his friends (which we now call the Alps) and told them all about what had happened. Of course because of the way Halftea told his version of the story all the other giants felt sorry for him. But when they began discussing it, one or two of the other giants began to see Thirdegg’s point of view (especially some of the shepherd giants). Even before you could say “equilateral” they were all quarrelling with each other because they all had a different opinion about the situation. By the time you would have finished saying “equilateral” they had all stormed off in different directions while shouting rude things at each other.

Meanwhile almost exactly the same thing was happening where Thirdegg met her friends (which we now call the Pyrenees). Some of the giants storming away from the Alps bumped into some of the giants storming away from the Pyrenees and even more quarrels started followed by more storming off in different directions.