Online stories - Stolen Stash Share Out

It had been a brilliant robbery and the gang had got rid of Cruncher, who was a far better fighter than any of the rest of the gang. The rest of the gang were all scared of him – though none of them would have admitted it.

The RobberyBrains had come up with a sneaky plan and the Boss had cleverly persuaded Cruncher to lie in the middle of the road until the security van drove along, looking like he was injured. It was a short length of quiet road and usually at that time only the security van drove along it. When the security van came across Cruncher lying in the middle of the road, the driver had to stop. At first only one of the security guards got out of the van but because Cruncher was so big, he had to ask the other security guard to come and help him move Cruncher.

That was when the rest of the gang leapt out from their hiding place and into the van, driving off with the gold bars they had stolen and leaving Cruncher in the arms of the two security guards. Cruncher had always thought in the back of his mind that there was something wrong with the plan.