Online stories - Stolen Stash Share Out

Brains cracks the safeAfter Brains had cleverly tried to open the safe in the van by working out the combination and failed, he cleverly got Scar-Face and Scar-Elbow to drop the safe from the top of the van onto the floor. When that didn’t work he cleverly blew it open with dynamite. He very cleverly only just didn’t quite use too much dynamite and only just didn’t quite blow all of them up.

“Brilliant Brains,” said the Boss, wiping dust out of his eyes.

“Yer,” said Scar-Face and Scar-Elbow as they picked themselves off the floor.

When they finally collected together the gold bars that had ended up in every corner of their hideout, they discovered that they had twelve gold bars. The Boss got a large suitcase out of the back of his big BMW.