Online stories - Stolen Stash Share Out

Sharing the loot“Now to share out the loot,” said the Boss as he opened the suitcase. “Now as we agreed, this is our last job together isn’t it? Once we’ve shared out the gold we’ll all go our separate ways, leaving the rest of us to enjoy our riches, won’t we?”

“Yes,” said Brains. “That’s right.”

“Yer,” said Scar-Face and Scar-Elbow.

“What we need to do in that case is to leave here well disguised and not make it at all obvious that we’re carrying heavy gold bars with us,” continued the Boss, developing his plan.

“Yes,” said Brains thoughtfully. “That’s right …”

“Yer …” said Scar-Face and Scar-Elbow after a pause. Like Brains they were beginning to smell a rat.