Online stories - Stolen Stash Share Out

Brains and his carrier bag“So,” continued the Boss, wrongly thinking his plan was going perfectly, “We all need to leave here carrying the gold in different bags, because if we all use the same bags that won’t look at all normal will it?”

“No,” said Brains, who was absolutely sure there was something up now. “That’s right …”

“Na …” said Scar-Face and Scar-Elbow, both hoping Brains would sniff out the rat for them – knowing there was one by now but not quite knowing where it was.

“So,” continued the Boss, secretly (and stupidly) laughing at the others to himself because it seemed like he was going to get away with his plan so easily, “I’ve brought a carrier bag for you to carry your gold in Scar-Face. As you walk away from here, it’ll look like you’ve just been to the supermarket. No one will suspect you. Of course carrier bags aren’t that strong so if you take more than one bar, it’ll split the bag open and ruin your disguise. So here’s your gold bar. Good luck Scar-Face!”