Online stories - Stolen Stash Share Out

Brains and Scar-ElbowScar-Face looked at the gold bar in the bottom of his carrier bag. Now he was sure there was something up, even though the boss was right that two gold bars would split the bag open.

“Now,” said the Boss turning to Scar-Elbow, “We all know you want to fly off and escape to Spain. So look, I’ve brought you a flight bag for your journey. Oh look! Two gold bars just fit into it quite nicely!”

Scar-Elbow looked at the two gold bars in his flight bag. There wasn’t enough room left in it for a chocolate bar, let alone another gold bar and yet he was sure there was something up as well now.

“Well Brains,” said the Boss, “For you I’ve brought along a briefcase. A brainy looking person like you walking out of here with a briefcase won’t look at all suspicious. Everyone will think it’s full of your brilliant ideas. Oh look! Three gold bars fit into it perfectly.”