Online stories - Stone Age School Shock

Stone Age SchoolWednesday morning again.

“Ah well,” thought Miss Ugh, the teacher of the first ever school in history. “It’ll soon be the weekend.”

Of course they didn’t have a school bell in the stone age – or even the faintest dream what a bell was – so Miss Ugh banged a piece of flint against a rock to let the children know that the day had begun.

As this was years before misbehaviour was discovered, all the children obediently filed into the cave, which acted as their schoolroom and went to sit behind their rocks. Miss Ugh walked to the front, sat behind her rock and began doing the register. This was the hardest work of the day because she had to carve the ticks or crosses onto a slab of rock with all the children’s names already carved on it. All the children were present today and as she called out their names they grunted politely. There were the two Grr brothers, Little Grr and Big Grr; Growl; Snort; Hiss; Bash and the Grunts, Loud Grunt, Medium Grunt and Quiet Grunt. Nine children in all.