Online stories - Stone Age School Shock

When she’d finally finished carving out the register and all the Grunts (the oldest children) had helped her heave it out of the way, Miss Ugh was ready to start the day.

But just then there was a polite growl at the door of the cave-classroom. Everyone turned to look and saw a young girl standing at the mouth of the cave. “Hello,” she grunted. “My name is Crunch. My family have just moved into the cave three holes away. Please can I come to your school?”

All the children were excited. It was always great to have more children in their pack for playing games like “Hunt the Tiger” or “Stun the Alligator”.

But to the children’s surprise, Miss Ugh reacted very strangely. “NOOOO!!!” she shrieked at the top of her voice. “Look, we’d love you to join our school but we’ve already got as many children as we can have in it.” she grunted politely.