Online stories - Stone Age School Shock

“What do you mean, Miss?” grunted several of the children. “There’s plenty of room in the cave-classroom.”

“Oh, I know that,” grunted Miss Ugh. “That’s not the problem.”

“What is the problem then Miss?” grunted Growl.

“Well,” explained Miss Ugh, “so far there are nine of you in school. But that’s as far as numbers go up to as you know. If Crunch joins the school I won’t know how many of you are in the school because numbers don’t go up that far.”

Everyone could understand the problem. But it felt very odd not being able to let Crunch into the cave-classroom because they didn’t have a number for explaining how many children there would be in the school if she joined them.

“Perhaps someone will invent some more numbers one day,” grunted Loud Grunt hopefully.