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KaleidoscopeMazeSmaller and smaller mazeCatch the GiantDragon DrawersMystic RoseHow many? How much? 
Dragon Drawers
Each drawer in this Chinese cabinet contains a single item, one of which is a golden dragon ring.
Can you work out from the following clues the drawer in which the ring is kept?

  • The drawer containing the carved ebony spoon is directly underneath the drawer that borders with only two other drawers.
  • The drawer containing the ivory comb is directly above the smallest drawer.
  • The ring is not in the smallest drawer.
  • The drawer containing the bronze buddha borders with four other drawers and is to the left of the one containing the carved ebony spoon.
  • The drawer with only one side bordering others contains the silver paperweight.
  • The drawer containing the silver brooch is directly above and to the right of the widest drawer.
  • The largest of the three remaining drawers contains the ring.

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