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Keep My Place

We've all kept a place for a friend in a queue. It's a position in the line either in front or behind you. Well, zeros in a number do a similar favour. The place in the queue is held until a whole number is added. Without zeros 1,000,000 would only be 1, a bullseye would only be 5 and the distance to the Sun would be a mere 93 miles. Below is a cross-number in which all the answers have one or more zeros as place-holders. Fill in the Across and Down clues by writing out the word numbers in figures. To check you are correct, see if they fit the cross-number.

(A) Seven million, one hundred and five thousand and ninety-two
(B) Two hundred and seven thousand, two hundred and six.
(C) Two hundred and forty.
(D) Six thousand and thirty-three.
(E) Four million, six hundred and thirty-one thousand, and two.

(F) Twelve thousand and one.
(G) Five hundred and two thousand, and ten.
(H) Nine hundred and ninety-six thousand and twenty three.
(I) One hundred and twenty four thousand, and sixty.
(J) Nine thousand and forty-nine.
(K) Three thousand four hundred and one.
(L) Twenty.