The odd bugs lived in the hollow of an old tree. Every odd-bug had an odd number of legs and of course an odd number of feet. Although the odd-bugs may have been odd, they were happy....well, most of the time.

"Look!" cried the largest odd-bug, "it's an invitation to the bugs' party - but it says strictly for insects with six legs. None of use have got an even number of legs, let alone six! What shall we do?"

"I've got an idea," said the smallest odd-bug, "if any two odd numbers are added together what do they make?"

The rest of the odd-bugs looked puzzled.

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"An even number!" said the littlest odd-bug. "All we have to do is go in pairs and wrap a leaf around the middle and we'll be even-bugs for the party!"

The odd-bugs cheered up. They got themselves into pairs that added to six.

They all went to the party and enjoyed it very much though some of the even-bugs did think they were behaving very oddly.