Uncle Odd arrives

Suddenly there was a shout from behind the odd old tree. "I left this one out!" cried a voice. It was Uncle Odd.

Blue-bug was delighted. It was a cup with no spots. "10 plus 0 makes 10," she said.

"Now that I'm here let's have tea," said Uncle Odd.

"But we haven't enough cups!" said Big-bug, dismayed.

Uncle Odd smiled. "Don't worry," he said, "I've brought my own mug. It'll be the odd-bug-mug-out."

They all laughed.

"I've brought some biscuits too," said Uncle Odd.

Oddbugs Uncle Odd put the biscuits out on a large cloth.

"Everyone is to have the same number of biscuits each," said Uncle Odd.

"How many are there of us?" said Blue-bug, "and how many biscuits are there to share?"

The odd-bugs worked it out and then they had tea.

How many biscuits were there and how many did each odd-bug get?

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