There are probably more copies of the bible in the world than any other book. An estimated 168,000 copies a day are sold or given away in the United States alone. The Christian bible is made up of the Old Testament and the New Testament and was supposed to be written by 40 different people. It is made up of 66 'books', but was not split into 1,189 chapters until AD 1238 and 31,101 verses in 1551. The Old Testament is a collection of writings first kept as the holy books of the Hebrew people and today is the sacred text of Judaism and the Jewish people and is called the Torah. The New Testament records the beginnings of Christianity and the teachings of Jesus. It was originally written in the language Aramaic and ancient Greek but has since been translated into over 1200 languages. It has had a huge influence on history and culture, but people have different ideas about what its message is. The first English version appeared in 1526, but the standard English version is the King James version of 1611. However, new versions of the New Testament are being published all the time to try to make this ancient book easier to relate to modern life. It takes around 70 hours to read the bible aloud. The longest name in the bible is Mahershalalhashbaz. Do you know another name that long?