Oxford University
Oxford University is the oldest university in the United Kingdom. It was first created sometime in the early 12th century, and consists of many departments where teaching is done and colleges where students live. The oldest college is called University College and was founded 750 years ago. Many famous people have studied at Oxford University, including Oscar Wilde, the American President Bill Clinton and Rowan Atkinson.

Oxford has a very long tradition of maths teaching and research. In the Middle Ages maths was taught as part of the quadrivium, which included arithmetic and geometry. In the 14th century lots of important maths research was done in Merton College. In the Middle Ages students had to study Euclid's Elements of Geometry and Boethius's book on Arithmetic. Later on Henry Saville, the Professor of Geometry, gave lectures on Ptolemy's Almagest. Henry Billingsley, who was the first person to translate Euclid's Elements of Geometry into English, studied at Oxford. More recently, in Victorian times, Charles Dodgson was a maths teacher at Christ Church College. Charles Dodgson is better know under his other name, Lewis Carroll. He was the person who wrote Alice in Wonderland, which itself contains many mathematical puzzles.