George III
George III was born in 1738. He succeeded to the throne on the 25th October 1760 when his grandfather George II died. He reigned for sixty years until his death in 1820. During his reign perhaps the most important thing that happened was the American War of Independence which was started when riots broke out in 1773 in Boston about taxes on tea. Up to that time much of America had been a British colony. George III was very sad to lose America when it declared independence from Britain.

George III was known as a king who liked a simple life. He liked farming and was sometimes called Farmer George. Another one of his big interests was in science and maths. He formed a big collection of scientific instruments which is now in the Science Museum in London. The instruments he collected were made by the very best makers of the time and were often very elaborate and very expensive. They were used by all the Royal Family for entertainment as well as teaching. George III also showed his interest in science and mathematical instruments by helping John Harrison prove to Parliament that his famous clock could tell the time accurately.

George III is also famous because when he got older he went mad. A film was recently made about him called The Madness of George III which won several Oscars.