Count On




On to number 2


My good points:
I am fresh, novel,
the genuine article.
I am unprecedented.
From the word go,
- a healthy ego;
I'm incomparable,
bold and original.
Never backwards
in coming forwards.
Never put
off to tomorrow
what I can do
today. I rise at dawn
with the cockerel.
I reap the first fruits.
I put my good foot first.
I also first foot.
I am phenomenal.
First among equals.
I took the first step.
I made the first move.
I always stand up
to be counted.
I don't run away
from the truth.
I get things first
hand; I come straight
to the point.
Hold on, hold on,
I say, first things first .
To sum up:
I'm quite exceptional.

My bad points:
I am first
to fly off the handle.
I am selfish, callous,
cruel, ruthless.
I look after number one.
I put myself first.
My friends call me
Numero Uno .
It pains me, but doesn't stop
me pushing
to be first in the queue. Oh!
I say snootily,
First come first served.
I don't care for
other numbers.
Useless losers.
I travel first class.
I throw the first stone.
I am tall, lanky,
wear my beret,
the French way.
I am Premier.
I am the first in my field.
I show off at first nights.
I believe in yours truly;
the first stroke
is half the battle.
Let's face things
frankly - I am the one
and only.

Jackie Kay

Times a number and it will grow more
Of this we are perfectly sure
But times it by ONE
It's like nothing's been done
The whole lot stays the same as before

A Stanton

A man, unicyclingA unicycle has only 1 wheel.

In old ecclesiastical symbolism 1 was unity and represented God which has no parts.

In the British Royal Navy the first lieutenant of a ship is colloquially known as "Number 1".

The Atlantic Ocean grows 1 inch wider every year due to continental drift.

Some cotton, on reelsThe traditional gift for a 1st wedding anniversary is cotton.

A sphere and a Mobeus strip each have 1 surface.

The Arithmakid!Lots of things occur only once. There is only 1 you, 1 me and 1 Maths Year 2000.

There is only 1 planet Earth that we all have to share.

There is only 1 Alan Shearer.