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We were rich and poor.
We were bought and sold.

We were black and white.
We were young and old.

We were life and death.
We were north and south.

We were hand in hand.
We were foot and mouth.

We were good and bad.
We were war and peace.

We were day and night.
We were man and beast.

We were hunger and greed.
We were water and land.

We were empty and full.
We were lost and found.

We had two strings to our bow.
We were in it together.

We were the spitting image.
We were the doppelganger.

We were terrible twins.
We were happy and sad.

We were alter egos.
We were sane and mad.

We were two-faced.
We were two-a-penny.

We spat 'double or quits.'
We sneered, 'Double the money.'

We liked to two-time.
We stayed in a twin-town.

We led a double life.
We lived in a two-up-two-down.

We were two much.
We were entwined.

We were a right pair.
We were in two minds.

We peered through bifocals.
We talked in double entendres.

We walked double-quick.
We never wandered.

We were a double act.
We were Morecambe and Wise.

We were Laurel and Hardy.
We were Jekyll and Hyde.

We were Romeo and Juliet.
We were tragedy and comedy.

We spoke tête á tête.
We were a carbon copy.

We were yin and yang.
We were ambidextrous, bisexual.

We dreamt in a double bed.
We were fluently bilingual.

We drove on dual carriageways.
We insisted on equal pay.

We were twinned; we were mated.
We loved and we hated.

We could not be separated.
We could not be separated.

Jackie Kay

Said the early Greeks, "TWO is a riddle!
It seems like a bit of a fiddle!
We're not sure we can call
It a number at all-
There's a start and an end, but no middle!"

A Stanton

A discus throwerA men's discus weighs 2 kg.

The earth has 2 poles - North and South.

A bicycle has 2 wheels.

King of rock Elvis Presley was one of 2 babies, although his twin brother was still born.

Elephant and calfThe African elephant has the longest gestation period at about 2 years.

About 2% of American women are called Mary.

There are (at least) 2 sides to every argument.

Newly-wedsAndorra has the lowest marriage rate at just 2 marriages per 1000 of population.

2 is a prime number. It is the only even prime number.

Until the late 19th century, the woodwind section in an orchestra consisted of 2 oboes, 2 flutes, 2 bassoons, and 2 clarinets; the 2 members of each pair played different musical parts.