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We three, said A to B, and C
are the bestest of best friends.
Let's run our fastest.

We two, said A and B
are best, best friends.
We can't stand C.

C's a pain isn't she?
C tells, A said. C smells, B said.
We're not ringing C's bell.

We two, said A and C,
are best, best friends.
We dislike B, intensely.

B's boring, A said.
B's a cry-baby, C said.
Send B to Coventry.

How come said B to C,
suddenly one rainy day
when A was ill, away,

that it is always
you or me, said B
who is left out, lonely, unhappy?

How come we are always
the gooseberry,
never, ever, A!

Did you know
said B, solemnly,
A talks behind your back?

C stared aghast at B. What does she say? Things about your family.

My Family! Shrieked C, furiously. That does it! Delete A! A's passé, A's history.

Monday morning early, A back at school, better, giggling and tossing her long brown hair.

We three, said A to B and C, are the bestest of best pals let's run our fastest.

Jackie Kay

Now THREE we find worthy of mention
As the number of natural dimensions
How long and how wide?
How deep down inside?
Such questions demand our attention

A Stanton

Only 3 of the 32 horses in the 1922 Grand National Steeple chase finished the race.

The usual limit of territorial waters around the coast of maritime nations is called the 3 mile limit.

The Hindu Brahmins represent their god with 3 heads.

There are 3 medals for each event in the Olympics - gold, silver and bronze.

There are 3 terms in a school year.

A tricycle has 3 wheels.

The smallest bone in the human body is the stirrup in the ear at only 3 mm.

The ancient Greeks and Romans beleived that the world was ruled by 3 gods - Jupiter (heaven), Neptune (sea) and Pluto (Hades).

The three core academic skills are known as the 3 Rs. These are reading, writing and arithmetic. The phrase is attributed to Sir William Curtis, an illiterate Lord Mayor of London.