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Take a breath, go on, and make me.
Don't mistake me
for two circles.
I am not so simple.
I am quite magical.
Never let me see
a join in the middle.
It hurts both my eyes.
Make me in one
snazzy movement.
Take a risk.
Think of snakes, laces.
Think of ancient figures.
Ancient places.
Think of the moon
staying up late.
Think of two peas in a pod.
The tadpoles in the twin pond.
Think of lungs and livers.
Think of rivers snaking round a town.
Flow with me. Flow. Go, go, go.
Don't let me down.
Think of a large S and some extra.
Say eloquent to yourself, say largesse.
Keep going, don't stop.
Don't cheat on me. Let's be best mates.
Swirl, sweep, spin. Under the arm.
Over the arm. Round and round.
Dance, dance at the barn dance, dance.
Admire my figure.
Cross over.
Arm to arm.
Hooch. Hooch.

Jackie Kay

To form cubes (but of number, not ice)
Take a number, times by itself twice
Now you know what to do
You can try cubing two
You'll get EIGHT if you took my advice.

A Stanton

Henry VIHenry VI, king of England, was 8 months old at his accession to the throne.

The black ball in a game of pool is called the 8 ball because it is the eighth ball the winner will pot.

The symbol of Buddhism is the a wheel with 8 spokes.

An octagon is a shape with 8 sides.

AluminiumThe earth's crust is 8% aluminium.

The Atlantic Ocean is up to 8km in depth.

Highland in Scotland is the UK's least densely populated county with just 8 people per square kilometre.

SpiderSpiders have 8 legs.

Light from the sun takes 8 minutes to reach us.

8 is a cube number: 2 x 2 x 2 = 8