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When I was born,
I was a familiar,
a black cat, Satan's favourite form.
Next life -I was in a room
you couldn't swing a cat in.
Outside it was raining cats and dogs.
It was a small house, in a Mews.
Soon I was like a cat on hot bricks.
Like a cat on a hot tin roof.
Until I fell off and landed on my feet.
I was sleek, sly, mysterious.
I was the cat's pyjamas.
I set the cat among pigeons.
I let the cat out of the bag.
One night, playing cat and mouse,
I lost a life under a white car,
my own dead form lit up by cat's eyes.
I came back ginger with long whiskers.
I escaped a catalogue of catastrophes.
I had good lives. I was worshipped
in Ancient Egypt. I was a Siamese,
a Manx, a sphynx, a Persian, a Burmese.
I lived lives of exquisite ease.
Until I had bad catarrh in Catalonia.
I purred a catechism, prayed for baptism,
but fell into a catatonic state. No cat nap -
I was kaput. Capisci? My final date.

Jackie Kay

"Is it true?" said our neighbour to Mother
Over tea, "Are you having another?"
It made no sense to me,
Another what? Cup of tea?
NINE months later I found out- my brother

A Stanton

BaseballRounders, softball and baseball teams all have 9 players.

Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed queen for 9 days in 1553.

Silver 9 pence pieces were common coinage until 1696 when all unmilled coins were withdrawn from circulation.

DesertThe Sahara desert is almost exactly 9 million square kilometres.

9 is a square number: 3 x 3 = 9

The largest trees are more than 9 times the size of blue whales, the largest animals.

CloudIf you are 'on cloud 9' you are very, very happy.

Germany borders 9 other countries.

If you add up all the digits in any number from the 9 times table (up to 10x9), the total is 9 .

1x9=9 (9)
2x9=18 (1+8=9)
4x9=36 (3+6=9)
5x9=45 (4+5=9)
6x9=54 (5+4=9)
7x9=63 (6+3=9)
8x9=72 (7+2=9)
9x9=81 (8+1=9)
10x9=90 (9+0=9)
11x9=99 (9+9=18)