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A dozen dopey daughters dozing in their
A dozen dopey daughters chatting in the
The eldest girl whispered sudden, rough
     and fierce.
If one of us gets married, it will end in

A dozen dopey daughters dreaming in a
A dozen dopey daughters looking at the
A dozen happy spinsters. A dozen old
Twelve round brown eggs would never ever
     be laid.

A dozen dopey daughters under mother
A dozen dopey daughters under sheets of
The youngest girl whispered a twelve line
But whose was that footstep on the
     wooden stair...

Jackie Kay

The "long hundred" once signified plenty:
It meant more than the standard "short" century
Base TWELVE was the count
Which increased the amount
TWELVE times ten gives one hundred and twenty

A Stanton

European union flagThere are 12 stars on the European flag.

The years of Jupiter are 12 Earth years long.

The shortest mammalian gestation period is 12 days for the short-nosed bandicoot, which is a marsupial.

According to The Bible, Jesus Christ had 12 apostles.

GuitarsSome guitars have 12 strings (though most have only 6).

There are 12 days of Christmas.

There are 12 months in a year.

12 is a dozen.

Franklin D Roosevelt was the longest serving US president, having served 12 years. There is now a two term limit meaning that successful presidents cannot serve more than 8 years.

Car plugsCar batteries are 12 volt.

Martha Jane Canary had 12 husbands. However she was surrounded by misfortune and 11 met untimely deaths, hence her nickname - Calamity Jane.