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Wear gold earrings, you will never drown.
The first cry of the cuckoo heralds spring.
Never kill a white moth - it is the soul of a

If you don't leave a penny in your purse,
     the devil will get in.
Never walk behind a woman with a ladder
     in her tights.
The nightjar's eerie call is an ill omen at
An itchy nose means you are in for a
Look in an owl's nest and you will always
     be unhappy.
A group of pigeons on a roof precedes a
Never say 'when shall we three meet
Kiss anyone on the nose, it will bring
Break a mirror and you will lose your best
Three knocks on the door signals the end.

Jackie Kay

THIRTEEN cards in each suit of the pack
Ace to ten, plus the King, Queen and Jack
But with THIRTEEN's bad luck
Cards can leave you unstuck
You could gamble the shirt from your back

A Stanton

Cat Domestic cats sleep an average of 13 hours per day

A baker's dozen is 13. When large fines
existed for underweight produce, bakers
would provide an extra loaf in every tray
to avoid heavy penalties.

At the age of 13 in Britain you can get a part-time job, but can't work for more than two hours on a school day or Sunday.

BrazilBrazil has 13 cities with populations greater than 1 million.

There are 13 cards in a suit of playing cards.

The first settlers in New Zealand were the Maori. They now make
up 13% of the population.

LimboThe world limbo record is 13 centimetres on roller skates.

13 is unlucky for some.

Aluminium is a metallic element with atomic number 13 . When first discovered it was so expensive to produce it was more valuable than gold.