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I like your dreamy eyes.
I like your strange stories.
I like your soft shy lips.
I like your daft wee ways.
I like your lovely hands.
I like your snort of a laugh.
I like your witty jokes.
I like your love of gossip.
I like your funny dance.
I like you saying my name.
I like your humble kindness.
I like your lack of shame.
I like you fine. I like you a lot.
Will you be my - you know what?

Jackie Kay

The butcher said to himself, puzzled,
"Why on earth did I leave him unmuzzled?
FOURTEEN steaks ate the hound
And they each weighed a pound,
That's a stone's worth of stock Rover's guzzled!"

A Stanton

Sarah FergusonThe Duchess of York and Elizabeth Taylor have each been on the cover of People magazine 14 times.

The Sun has a core temperature of 14 million centigrade.

The shortest gestation period for a non-marsupial is 14 days for the shrew.

At the age of 14 in Britain you can:

enter a pub (without buying or drinking alcohol there); and

may be employed on a weekday as a street trader by your parents.

BasketballA basketball court is 14 metres wide.

There are 14 pounds to a stone.

A woodlouse has 14 legs.

In Wyoming, USA 14 year olds can drive to school.

DesertThere has been no rain for 14 years in the Atacama desert, Chile.

There are 14 days in a fortnight.