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'At Seventeen,' sang Janis Ian.
I played her
and cried over
some guy I can't remember.

Jackie Kay

SEVENTEEN times itself times SEVENTEEN
Equals 4 9 1 3, it is seen
Add these digits together
You've something quite clever
Please do it, and see what I mean

A Stanton

MoonApollo 17 was the last Apollo moon landing. It carried out geological studies and brought rock and soil back to earth.

German tennis player Boris Becker became the youngest ever winner of singles at Wimbledon at the age of only 17 .

A day on Uranus lasts for 17 hours.

17 is a prime number.

GavelAt the age of 17 in Britain you can: answer criminal charges in an adult court; and hold a licence to drive most vehicles.

German composer Ludwig van Beethoven wrote 17 string quartets.

There are 17 species of bower bird (dull coloured birds from New Guinea and Australia related to birds of paradise).

HurricaneThe Beaufort Scale charts wind speed. It ranges from 0 to 17 , with 0 indicating calm and 17 the strongest hurricane.

The Birmingham Six, who were wrongly convicted of an IRA terrorist bombing in Birmingham in 1974, were in prison for nearly 17 years.

Some species of cicada live underground for up to 17 years.

Just 17 is a magazine for teenagers.