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Harriet the Hen has laid nineteen eggs.
Cuthbert the cockerel is on his last legs.

Jackie Kay

My old dad, at the golf club by far
Loves the "NINETEENTH hole" best (that's the bar)
His whole team of four
Drink themselves to the floor
And they always end up under Pa

A Stanton

HawaiiThe highest rainfall in one year was 19 feet in Hawaii.

19 was a number 1 chart hit for Paul Hardcastle in the UK charts.

The Rolling Stones had a hit in 1966 with 19 th Nervous Breakdown. It reached number 2 in the UK chart.

In a game of squash the ball must hit the front wall more than 19 inches above floor height.

Charles 1stIn 1642 parliament put 19 propositions to Charles I which would decrease the power of the crown. The king rejected them, the English Civil War broke out and Charles I was executed.

There are 19 daily newspapers in Cyprus - 10 Greek, 8 Turkish and 1 English.

19 Prime Ministers of the UK went to England's most famous public school, Eton College.

A "GO" board has 19 vertical and 19 horizontal lines.

LightbulbThomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, took out his first patent at the age of 19 - for an electric vote recorder.

The longest aqueduct in Britain is the Welsh Pont Cysylltau in Clwyd, with 19 arches up to 121 feet high. It is 1,007 feet long.

The Metonic cycle used to calculate the date of Easter is 19 years long.

The 19 th hole on a golf course is the bar.