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See them come
with their jinxes and frowns,
see them come
with their worries bogged down,
shopboys, shopgirls,
lawyers with their gowns,
see them come
from country and town,
see them come
to see See-Far Woman.
Even politicians slip through her gate
when it's time to fix that election date.
Yes, from all walks they come
to see See-Far Woman.

Today two cricket teams await her
     in queue,
count the hoping-to-win heads,
     exactly 22.

Grace Nichols

Did you know there's a chain used in cricket?
It's the distance between the two wickets
TWENTY-TWO yards once made
Up one chain, but these days
It's the metric system that's the ticket

A Stanton

Koala bearKoala bears sleep an average of 22 hours per day due to their extremely low energy leaf diet.

Wickets on a cricket pitch are 22 yards apart.

Catch 22 is a book written by Joseph Heller. The phrase "catch 22 " has entered the English language, meaning a no win situation because the way out depends on mutually exclusive prior conditions.

22 carat gold is the purest usually used in jewellery. It is 22 parts gold and two parts alloy to give it extra strength.

Apollo 11, the first ship to take man to the moon, remained on the surface of the moon for 22 hours.

There are 22 balls on the table at the start of a snooker match (a yellow, a green, a brown, a blue, a pink, a black, a white and 15 reds).

Douglas Bader was a British fighter pilot who lost both his legs in a flying accident in 1931. Nevertheless, during World War II he shot down 22 planes.

V is the 22 nd letter of the English alphabet.

China is divided into 22 provinces.

Chess piecesRussian chess supremo Gary Kasparov was the youngest ever champion at just 22 years of age.

One person in 22 carries the cystic fibrosis disease. If two carriers have children, each child has a one out of four chance of contracting the disease.

The Strait of Dover, which separates England from France is 22 miles long.

Sweden has 22 seats in the European Parliament out of 626. The UK has 87.