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'Some hae meat that canna eat,
and some wad eat that want it.
But we hae meat and we can eat,
so let the Lord be thankit.'

See-Far Woman recites,
as she dresses in her finery,
for it's the 25 th of January,
a date when she has her own feast-night,
to celebrate the memory of that Scottish
'O, my luv is like a red red rose,'.

She raises her glass in happy toast,
and with friends by her side
and a few bottles of wine,
they recite in turns,
the full-bodied lines of Robbie Burns.

Grace Nichols

TWENTY-FIVE pictures are seen
Every second on your TV screen
But the speed that they move
Makes the action seem smooth
So you can't spot the gaps in between!

A Stanton

GemsOf 120 or so minerals that have been used as gemstones, only 25 are in common use today in jewellery.

The Sun rotates through 360 degrees in 25 days.

The most ever successful defenses of a boxing title is 25 by Joe Louis between 1937 and 1949. Nicknamed "the Brown Bommer" he remained heavyweight champion for 12 years.

Television sets25 pictures a second are transmitted to television sets.

The first old age pensions in Britain in 1909 were for 25 p a week.

In 1991 WH Smith acquired a half share in the Virgin Megastores. This gave WH Smith a 25% share in the UK music market.

The Empire State Building cost $25 million to build.

ReindeerChristmas Day falls on 25 December.

The scramjet (a ramjet with a supersonic combustion chamber) can travel at 25 times the speed of sound.

25 is a square: 5 x 5 = 25

A quarter is 25%.

In the USA a quarter is a coin worth 25 cents.