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In the palm of her hands
numbers grow wings,
in the curve of her ears
all numbers sing.

Take the number twenty-seven.
You and me just see 2 and 7.

When See-Far Woman
looks at this number -
she catches a glimpse of heaven.

Three nines going round
in perfect symmetry.

Nine magic hazel trees,
nine months of womb-baby,
nine lives of a cat,
A cluster of harmony.

Grace Nichols

TWENTY-SEVEN is yellow plus green
Brown as well, try to picture the scene
It is blue, it is pink
Lastly black. How? Now think.
Fans of snooker will know what I mean

A Stanton

The moon takes 27 days to orbit the Earth.

27 % of the Earth's crust is silicon.

Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida covers an area of 27 thousand acres.

27 string quartets.

The Republic of Ireland has 27 administrative counties (though only 26 geographical counties).

SnookerIn snooker the coloured balls (not counting reds) have a total value of 27 .

The New Testament of the Bible has 27 books.

There are 27 squares on a bingo card.

British heavyweight boxer Henry Cooper hit 27 knockouts out of 55 fights in his professional career.

CroquetA croquet lawn is 27 metres long.

27 is a cube: 3 x 3 x 3 = 27

A lawn tennis court is 27 feet wide.