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One more day of chill to bear.
I forgot, this is a leap year.
February 29 is here.
Women can propose without fear.
But spare a thought for those
whose birthdays only come around
once in every four years.

Grace Nichols

In February every four years
My friend Polly receives three loud cheers
For the TWENTY-NINTH day
Is her birthday- hooray!
She leaps high when it finally appears

A Stanton

BuddhaGautama Buddha, an Indian philosopher and the founder of Buddhism renounced his materialistic possessions and family at the age of 29 .

The metallic element copper has atomic number 29 . It is used for its high thermal and electrical conductivity and its durability and flexibility.

The deepest point of the world's oceans - the Mariana Trench - is equivalent to 29 Empire State Buildings on top of each other.

Space shuttleThe space shuttle can deliver a 29 tonne satellite into orbit.

29% of the Earth's surface area is land.

In a leap year there are 29 days in February.

Jesus Christ is thought to have died in 29 AD.

CakeWith only seven straight cuts it is possible to divide a cake into 29 pieces.

29 Labour members of Parliament were elected in the 1906 general election.