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She's in a bus queue,
She's beginning to freeze,

'Somebody tell me please -
Why does the number 33 bus
always come in bunches of threes?'

Not even See-Far Woman's spell
can solve that mystery.

Grace Nichols

One hundred is easily quartered
And if you want half exactly you're sorted
You can get a third, but
If you'd like it clean-cut-
THIRTY-THREE and a third - you'll be thwarted

A Stanton

Korean flagThe population of South Korea is approximately 33 million.

Arsenic (As) is a poisonous element with atomic number 33 . The symptoms of arsenic poisoning are vomiting, diarrhoea, tingling in the limbs, and collapse.

A1 paper is 33 inches long (and 23.5 inches wide).

Measurements for the Beaufort scale (a system used by recording wind speed) are made at 33 ft above ground level.

Black Monday, the worldwide stockmarket crash that began on 19 October 1987, saw the New York Stock Exchange fell by 33% (the London Stock Exchange Financial Times 100 Index fell by 25%, the European index by 17%, and Tokyo by 12%).

TelevisionsA 1990 survey showed that 33% of viewers watch television for over 3 hours a day.

In America a decillion is the number 1 followed by 33 zeros (in Britain a decillion is the number 1 followed by 60 zeros).

The narrow Khyber Pass which separates Pakistan from Afghanistan and was used various invaders of India is 33 miles long.

Japan recycles about 33% of its waste.

In 1978 Pope John Paul 1 had been pope for only 33 days before being found dead.

Nelson and Winnie Mandela were married for 33 years.

Desert33% of the Earth's land surface is desert.

Sir Stanley Matthews, the legendary English footballer, had a professional playing career spanning 33 years.

The playing speed of a long playing vinyl record (LP) is 33 revolutions per minute.

Argentine political leader Eva Duarte de Per-n (Evita) died of cancer at the age of 33 .

Prohibition (of alcohol) in the USA was repealed in 19 33 in the face of hostile public opinion (it has been in force since 1920).

English solitaire boards have 33 holes.