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Dear Telephone Company,
I have many friends the world over
so I'm not insular,
but I know absolutely no one
on the Scandinavia peninsula.
Somehow you must have
mixed up my telephone number,
please correct this blunder.
In other words I'm telling you flat,
no way, no way will I pay that
£34 call I didn't make to Norway.

          Sincerely, See-Far Woman

P.S. I should have seen this coming.

Grace Nichols

The blue whale, at THIRTY-FOUR metres
Is the largest of all living creatures
He lives upon krill
Which he sieves thru' his grille
So don't' worry, he don't want to eat ya

A Stanton

Blue whaleAt 34 metres the blue whale is the longest creature alive and also the heaviest animal ever (including dinosaurs) at about 130 tonnes.

'The Night Watch' by Rembrandt contains 34 life-size figures.

Ascension island in the South Atlantic is 34 square miles in area.

At its closest approach Mars comes within 34 million miles of Earth.

ChannelThe Strait of Dover (in French - Pas de Calais) is the easternmost section of the English channel between South-East England and North France. It is 34 kilometres wide.

There is are 34 piano style keys on an accordion (though there can be as few as 26).

Barbados is 34 kilometers long.

Henry V died at the age of 34 in 1422.

The rows and columns of a 4 x 4 magic square always total 34 .

Waterford crystal glass has 34% lead content (instead of the usual 24%).