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You have survived
Ivory, Silver and Pearls.

Tomorrow you celebrate
Coral and Jade.

Yet, on this your 35th
wedding anniversary you tell me
your marriage has gone stale.

Here is my counsel
to you both,
to remove this stalemate of affairs:

Tonight before you sleep
sit on a cushion facing each other,
think of add and not subtract,
hold hands and re-cap,
what it was that did attract.
Coral and Jade, Coral and Jade,
don't let the good times fade.

Grace Nichols

A chess knight is able to make
Before crossing the path that it takes
THIRTY-FIVE separate moves
Which just goes to prove -
It's a game which can make your brain ache

A Stanton

GlacierEurope's longest glacier is the Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland, measuring 35 kilometres.

The United States of America (USA) has 35 cities with populations over 1 million.

Afghan hounds can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

The State of Bahrain is made up of 35 islands in the Arabian Gulf.

In 1911 a Norwegian expedition led by Roald Amundsen became the first to reach the South Pole - 35 days ahead of Captain Scott.

The island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides has an area of 35 square miles.

DolphinsCertain species of dolphin swim at up to 35 miles per hour with the aid of streamlined skin.

There are 35 imperial gallons in one barrel of petroleum.

British explorer and translator Richard Francis Burton is reputed to have spoken 35 oriental languages.

The Cheviot Hills are 35 miles long and form the border between England and Scotland.

There are 35 species of the genus Corvus, family Corvidae, more commonly known as crows.

Each half of a hockey match lasts for 35 minutes.

HovercraftIt takes about 35 minutes to travel by hovercraft from Dover in England to Calais in France, traveling at a speed of 35 knots.

Austrian skier Franz Klammer won a record 35 World Cup downhill races between 1974 and 1985.

The human body goes into hypothermia when it falls below 35 degrees centigrade. Coma and death can follow.

John F Kennedy was the 35 th US president.

In 1938 35 million gas masks were given to British civilians in anticipation of the impending World War II.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote 35 violin sonatas.