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O child
don't fuss
don't fuss
bring me that Abacus.

How will you begin
to count
the stars in heaven

If you can't count
from one to 37?

Grace Nichols

"Stop acting so sickly and frail!"
Said my mum, "By the Celsius scale
Is quite normal. This wheeze
To skip school today's totally failed!"

A Stanton

ToucanThere are 37 different species of Toucan.

The Humber river Estuary in North East England is 37 miles long.

Boxer Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) achieved 37 knockouts in his professional career (out of 61 fights).

37 states in America still practised capital punishment in 1990. The UK abolished capital punishment in 1965 for all crimes except treason.

ElephantHannibal took 37 elephants (and 35,000 men) with him across the Alps to invade Italy in 218 BC.

Richard Nixon was the 37 th president of the USA.

Human pregnancy lasts for about 37 weeks.

St. Simeon Stylites lived for 37 years on a platform on top of a high pillar. His life is still celebrated on the 5 January every year.

ClothA 'cloth yard' is made up of 37 inches. This measurement was also used as the base length for arrows.

Mark Anthony married Cleopatra in 37 BC.

37 is a prime number.

French solitaire boards have 37 holes and are octagonal in shape.