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You've heard of the twist
You've heard of the tango
You've heard of the foxtrot
You've heard of the mambo.

But See-Far Woman
has a dance all of her own-

Three steps to the left
eight steps to the right
3 for triple time
8 to balance body and mind.

She calls this dance -
Number 38 - the dance of fate.

Grace Nichols

In the U S of A life is frantic
And the country itself is gigantic
The UK would fit
THIRTY-EIGHT times in it
(If you moved it across the Atlantic)

A Stanton

The 38 th parallel famously divides North Korea from South Korea.

38 million people a year pass through Heathrow airport.

The USA is 38 times larger than the UK.

There are 38 litres in a 'bath' (an ancient Hebrew unit for measuring liquid).

Big BenAverage human body temperature is about 38 degrees centigrade.

There are 38 letters in the Armenian alphabet.

Louis XVI of France was killed at the age of 38 in 1793.

Amphitryon 38 is the title of a play by Jean Giraudoux.

Every row of numbers in a magic hexagon adds up to 38

The lighthouse off Beachy Head, Sussex is 38 metres high.